Services We Offer

At Apeiron, our approach is collaborative to help oil and gas companies overcome the challenges they are currently facing. The oil and gas industry is transforming, due to price volatility, shrinking investment in fossil fuels, changing of government regulations and the energy transition.

We offer multiple services at a very competitive price without compromising on quality and safety, leveraging our skilled global workforce. We support clients to identify opportunities, help them to create value through technical and commercial work, optimise field operation to maximise value and at the end support decommissioning to protect the environment at the end-of-life for an asset.

As the oil and gas industry is re-shaping, we expect sustained energy sourced from renewables will come. Big Oil is reviewing its strategy to the energy transition, and small and mid-size enterprises are also repositioning during this energy transition. Meanwhile, Apeiron supports our clients across the new energy landscape by offering our integrated technical, commercial and financial services for all of the different sectors.

Asset and Reservoir Management

Asset and Reservoir Management

Our years of experience in asset management has come from projects executed within oil and energy service companies, international consultancies and oil companies. We deliver our technical services to enable profitable returns on investment from the management of the asset over its lifetime. We provide skills, expertise and knowledge relevant to the reservoir, well drilling & completions, field development plans, production optimisation, maximising asset revenue while minimising capital and operating expenditure, and increasing value.

Critical to success is how we engage with international customers, collaborate with stakeholders, create innovative solutions; working remotely and ensuring subject matter experts are available 24/7 to study and support.

We have digital technologies and competent processes to perform activities efficiently and at much lower costs.

New opportunity assessment

We prepare exploration evaluation reports to support international oil & gas license rounds.

Reservoir characterisation

We have years of experience working globally and evaluated complex subsurface structures.

Dynamic reservoir modelling

Our reservoir engineers use industry-standard software with modern tools to provide valuable insights.

Field development planning

We undertake multi-disciplinary integrated development planning in complex and technical global arenas.

Exploration and Appraisal Studies

Exploration and Appraisal Studies

Finding oil and gas reservoirs is a complex process, requiring research, survey work and exploration drilling. We provide a range of geological and geophysical services to support clients’ technical decisions to explore and appraise.

We specialise in analysing and interpreting well data and 2D and 3D seismic datasets, delivering structural and stratigraphic interpretation and mapping. Our G&G team studies the exploration potential based on the regional geology, the petroleum system and formation petrophysical evaluation. We prepare exploration leads and prospects, and drillable locations with supporting estimation of petroleum reservoir volumes.

A discovery well requires a detailed appraisal work programme to evaluate the potential commercialisation of the asset. Typical work scope comprises the detailed reservoir and fluid characterisation, planning an appraisal well programme and studies including seismic interpretation, mapping, formation description, well log interpretation, core analysis, fluid contacts, and rock physics.

Reservoir engineering, including well-testing analysis and fluid sampling analysis, helps with understanding well productivity and reservoir recovery drive mechanisms to estimate ultimate recoveries.

Early fluid characterisation and PVT modelling of dry gas, gas-condensate, volatile oil, light and heavy oils helps with identifying further data acquisition.

Oil & Gas exploration 2D and 3D seismic studies

We have international specialists analysing and interpreting 2D and 3D seismic datasets.

Exploration & Appraisal geological studies

Our G&G team studies the acreage data, exploration potential and detailed appraisal work programme.

Formation description

We specialise in analysing and interpreting well data.

Fluid characterisation

We review and quality check the reservoir fluid data, quality and characterisation.

Field Development Planning

Field Development Planning

In our experience, we believe in deploying an integrated, multi-disciplinary team approach to field development planning, and preparing an economic valuation to support our clients' decision making and business case. We follow a holistic approach, identifying key value drivers, rapidly preparing the development plan, integrating discipline experts, and using agile project management.

We collaborate and support our clients' projects throughout the early pre-FEED phases of business planning, feasibility assessment, and development concept identification and selection.

The field development plan must set out the capital expenditures, risks, and schedule, along with reservoir development scenarios which maximise recoverable oil and gas volumes, economic value, and mitigation of risks on safety, environmental and social impact.

Feasibility and concept studies

Our multi-disciplinary team perform feasibility and concept studies using defined methodologies to achieve the best technical and commercial outcome.

Engineering, cost estimation and project schedule

We provide production facilities design, cost estimation and risk analysis using industry standards and schedule planning to optimise economics.

Reserves estimation and production profiles

Our subsurface experts have experience in multiple basins to perform reserves estimation and prepare production profiles.

Well design and completion

We design wells, drilling and completions plans, and stimulation fracking plans for both offshore and onshore fields.

Oil & Gas bid rounds and licensing

Oil & Gas bid rounds and licensing

We evaluate petroleum systems, play fairways, drillable prospects, geological risking and exploration economics using our deep domain expertise in geophysics and geology interpretation. Our team specialise in seismic attribute analysis, rock physics, sedimentology and fractured carbonates.

We offer our technical and commercial multidisciplinary approach to support a government's licensing agency to prepare asset data-sets, data management, marketing and promoting to investors, planning data room meetings and facilitating agreements with investors.

Our specialists have managed exploration, multidisciplinary teams with international exploration experience. Our associates have specialist expertise in structural geology, sedimentology and geochemistry.

We evaluate blocks in licensing rounds, discovered resource opportunities (DRO) on offer in marginal field bid rounds and opportunities originating from our activities in farm-in, M&A and divestments.

Our work scope includes regional review, play and prospect evaluations, risking and exploration expected monetary value (EMV) results from economic modelling.

License round support to government agencies

We offer our technical and commercial multidisciplinary approach to support a government's licensing agency.

Acquiring license blocks

We evaluate blocks in licensing rounds, discovered resource opportunities (DRO) and farm-in opportunities.

Integrated geophysical and geological services

Our geophysics and geology team specialise in seismic attribute analysis, rock physics, sedimentology and fractured carbonates.

Portfolio ranking

Our work scope includes regional review, play and prospect evaluations, geological risking and exploration economics.

Commercial & Economics

Commercial & Economics

Financial modelling and economic analysis are some of the most important aspects of any business decision to ensure stakeholders and investors understand the commercial risks and opportunities to manage their portfolio and future cash flows.

We have extensive experience around financial modelling, which we have demonstrated for many years in developing models with complex fiscal terms and complex joint venture structures. We use FAST standards and Agile methodology for accurate and scalable modelling.

We bring expertise and learning from other industries, and we specialise in Upstream, Mid-stream and Renewables.

Techno Economic modelling & analysis

We build the economic model, using Excel, from simple fiscal terms to complex financing structure.

Market assessment

Our team can perform desktop market research to identify demand and supply and validate the gas market.

Gas commercialisation

Our technical and commercial team can study the market, perform a techno-commercial assessment of potential products and identify risks & opportunities.

Commercial Contracts

Our commercial team and lawyers are members of the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators and have extensive experience in drafting and negotiating commercial contracts.

Reserves Estimation and Reporting

Reserves Estimation and Competent Person’s Report

Our staff have acted as a Competent Person for Reserves Reporting for The London Stock Exchange (LSE), the LSE’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM), the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), and bank financing. We produce compliant reports for various stock exchanges, and we follow the guidelines and definitions by the SPE Petroleum Resources Management System (PRMS).

Annual reserves report

We support all company reporting requirements, internal and external, including government regulatory reporting.

Competent Person’s Report (CPR)

We have a qualified, experienced subsurface and commercial team who can prepare a competent person’s report and sign-off.

Lending evaluation

We assess the reserves and provide comprehensive reporting to support Stock Market listings, IPO’s and reserve-based lending and other financing facilities.

Reserves Audits

We conduct independent audits on assets by analysing reserves and resources information using analogues, volumetric estimations, production performance decline analysis and reservoir model simulations.


Training Courses

Our experience counts when we deliver training courses to our clients. Our instructors have a diversity of technical knowledge, experience and skills to meet our clients’ training requirements. We offer courses in various disciplines and subject areas that will improve the individual’s performance. We provide hands-on training, public and in-house courses, and programmes tailored for participants. Training covers a wide range of topics and we have developed training which is popular with our clients. Some of the them are as:

Oil & Gas

Training in fundamental topics of the oil & gas industry. Resources and Reserves Evaluation links the subsurface estimates of recoverable oil/gas to project economics following the PRMS system. Field development planning requires multi-disciplinary capabilities and understanding within a team to deliver optimum developments. Well data analysis to maximise the data understanding and value gained from well data to support exploration evaluation, field development and production enhancement.

Energy Transition

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is key technology to decarbonise many industries. There will be increasing requirement for participants with trained skills-sets in CCS. Understanding how Hydrogen Storage underground can be a potential enabler for clean energy and is becoming important for the renewable energy industry.

Project Management

Holistic approach, integrating discipline experts, and using agile project management. Multi-disciplinary team using sound project management practices to achieve the best technical and commercial outcome.


Understand what digitalisation can do to improve productivity and reduce costs in the oil & gas industry with emerging technology, Big Data solutions and analytics.